It takes a lifetime to build a reputation… but no time to wreck it

Welcome to a revolution… unique, simple, safe online identity protection… Payfont®


Payfont® helps you build real trust with real customers

Your customers get the safe, simple e-commerce lifestyle they deserve:

  • a consistent, simple experience, to make their lives easy
  • choice and control over how they buy or transfer money online, or on the move

We help you build customer confidence and help them feel safe

Our patented e-commerce identity and transaction security will help you:

  • Rebuild solid relationships with your customers in real ways, creating real loyalty and value
  • Improve customer satisfaction, a great reputation and lower costs
  • Produce real transparency, building customer confidence and clear accountability
  • Provide world class protection affordable to merchants, driving new business growth, and reduced fraud
  • Oversee unique insight into who did what, where, when, with what, building real confidence and trusted relationships

Make Trust a 5 letter word you want to use with your customers



It’s strange how nothing ever becomes real until you experience it…

Who we are is driven by where we come from… from our experiences…

It started for me when I lost myself in sunny California. Thing was, I was sitting at home in snowbound Edinburgh…

I don’t know who he was, or where he came from… but I know he enjoyed great wine at my expense.

Strange thing… the bank insisted it was me… said my account was used, one of many I evidently have stored on the web. I thought they make life simple… not inconvenient.

It took 3 months to get back my identity and 6 months to clear a credit rating I didn’t know was crucial to my life until then. I was angry.

What do you expect? If banks can’t tell who transacted with their customers’ money, customers are left completely helpless.

Trust is lost… customers no longer feel protected by their banks, because their banks cannot properly protect them.

I like online… but I could no longer trust the experience of being exposed, being vulnerable…

With Payfont® I get real online safety…making every experience real for me, and for my bank


Art of Simple

Who said safe and easy are impossible to bring together online?
Or that fraud has to be a cost of doing e-commerce

No bank CEO can sit back and allow customers to be exposed to online identity fraud.

It makes no political sense…


when bank action results in customer hardship and more fraud…
It makes no business sense…

At Payfont® we don’t follow convention…

by recognizing we are all unique, we overcome weaknesses in today’s methods that force customers to behave predictably

…we take away this vulnerability …and we provide complete transparency for you and your customers, building trust and peace of mind…

Your customers want their personal details kept safe…

Your customers want their financial details kept safe…

with Payfont®, they are…

Your customers want an easier way online…

with Payfont®, they get it…

Your customers want more control over their online life…

with Payfont®, they get it…

If your customers feel safe and their online experience is easy…

…you will grow your business and reduce fraud…



Science of Safe

We work harder to rebuild trust and confidence in e-commerce

The science behind Payfont® underpins an incredibly safe way to protect your customers, and your business, from the consequences of identity theft

  • Our patented innovations, like our STEALTH and SeCURE technologies keep your customers safe
  • Our BehAVE and iSMART innovations help your customers do naturally and simply what they cannot do today…transact online, by mobile, buy goods, get cash, safely, their way
  • What’s more, our ECLIPSE technology gives you tailored control and total transparency of your e-commerce business, unique to you and your customers

Our vision is to keep your customers “real”, always protecting their identity. By doing so we will deliver safe, simple e-commerce for your customers and secure growth for you

At Payfont® one size doesn’t fit all…
…because we are all not the same

Payfont® The Art of Simple…the Science of SafeTM

United States Patent

Patent No.: US 8,423,466 B2


The present invention provides a service for allowing secure financial transactions to be carried out, the service involving authenticating a user's identity and/or status as part of a financial transaction with another party and in the event that the user is authenticated arranging for the transaction to be completed without revealing the user's financial details and/or other personal details to that other party.

Authentication data and transaction data may be communicated over any suitable communications channel(s).The invention provides a trusted authentication and payment environment that protects a user's financial details, but allows them to be securely authenticated and arranges for transactions to be fulfilled, while providing other parties with reassurance that transactions will be completed. In this way, fraud and theft due to misappropriation of financial details can be minimized.

To read the patent in full please click here »



Ken Howes


  • Industry credentials span Head of Payments Strategy & Global Cards and Electronic Banking Director for HSBC
  • Former executive director of global payment industry consultant Edgar Dunn & Co.
  • Received life-time achievement award from Cards and Payments Awards in 2013
  • Focus on go to market strategy, industry connections & business development

David Lanc, BA, CA, PhD

Founder & CEO

  • Former executive director of RBS’s Cards Business, responsible for international and Internet expansion, product innovation and competitive analytics
  • Played a leadership role in EMV rollout and influenced/was first to deploy 3D Secure for Internet card security
  • Early leader in development of Internet payments (UK & US) & Visa (Europe) Advisory Board member
  • Developed/Involved in bringing to market several UK/global Financial Services and Securities industry innovations

John de Lavis


  • Industry credentials include Chief Product Officer at MasterCard with global responsibility for all of its product sets
  • Former COO at NetSpend, the preeminent pre-paid business in the USA and COO at Metapay a top 10 US payments bank
  • Significant US and international experience developing and bringing to market new technologies
  • Focus on technology and innovation strategy, industry connections & business development

Colin Grannell


  • Industry credentials span Managing Director of Visa UK, Executive Vice President Visa Europe, Head of Partnership Marketing
  • Led and negotiated Visa partnerships for FIFA World Cup and the IOC Olympic & Paralympic Games and Visa activities at London 2012 to create and deliver innovative payment and marketing solutions to drive business goals
  • Voted Card and Payments Industry Personality of the Year 2012
  • Focus on payment organisation strategy, partnership & business development

Gordon Moir


  • Industry credentials include General Counsel at British Telecommunications Retail division and head of their global regulatory and anti-trust practice
  • Extensive experience in global telecommunications and IT competition law
  • He was named as one of the top 100 lawyers in the UK in 2012
  • Focus on regulatory & competition strategy, connections & legal counsel

Erik Van Winkel


  • Industry credentials include international senior management experience at MasterCard Worldwide and director of global payments consultancy Edgar, Dunn & Company
  • Instrumental in development and implementation of MasterCard’s Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) strategy in Europe with international retail banks
  • Significant global exposure managing payment strategy and M&A initiatives with banks and non-bank clients from Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia
  • Focus on market strategy, industry connections & proposition development

Professor Bill Buchanan PhD, FBCS, FIET, CEng, BSc (Hons)


  • Industry credentials include patents in areas such as Digital DNA and the Modelling of Governance Rules, and two successful spin-out companies.
  • Extensive publications and experience cyber security, security training and secure systems
  • Member of Scottish Government ICT in Education Excellence Group, and named in Tech 100 list in last 2 years
  • Focus on security and authentication policies, scientific and mathematical validation and connections with technology and academic organisations

Professor Lachlan MacKinnon BSc, PhD, FBCS, CITP, MIEEE, MACM, MAACE


  • Industry credentials include advisor to the UK Parliamentary IT Committee Security Group and several representative advisory positions with national and international organisations
  • Extensive publications and experience cyber security, creative technologies, human-computer interaction and secure systems
  • Former Chair of the UK National Committee of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC).
  • Focus on security and authentication policies, scientific and mathematical validation and connections with technology and academic organisations

Ian Paterson Brown CA

Commercial Director

  • Industry credentials include extensive experience as Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer of F&C and Corporate Development Director of Ignis Asset Management
  • 30 years investment industry experience, specialising in corporate finance, corporate actions and investment
  • Chairman of the Scottish Institute of Chartered Accountants Ethics Committee and member of its Technical Policy Board.
  • Focus on investment gathering and institutional investors


Ian Paterson Brown, Commercial Director
Dr David Lanc, Founder & CEO

Tel: +44 (0) 131 200 6003