about payfont

the art of simple... the science of safe™

built on solid engineering principles, over a decade in design. re-engineered to re-build trust, protection & care

Payfont Limited (Payfont) is an Edinburgh headquartered Cybersecurity start-up. Our identity and data security product frameworks are undergoing production testing in preparation for planned pilots.
Our business development activities are currently focused in the UK, US and English speaking Asia Pacific markets.

our philosophy

We understand more than anyone that a new way of protecting people and data stored online is needed. Existing technologies are too costly, complex and cumbersome. They don’t enable society to move online in a way that keeps everyone safe, not simply those who can afford or use today’s latest gadgets and security methods. They don’t help people or organisations operate online in a way that helps build trust, keep confidential information private or protect identities. That’s why online fraud is outstripping online growth. That’s why even the biggest organisations suffer data breaches.

Complex identity security like multi-factor authentication doesn’t help create empowered citizens. It doesn’t help when one of their many identities is stolen without their knowledge and used to defraud them…it’s not enough.

More complex encryption doesn’t help organisations counter data theft if they find in the public news they have been breached. Hiding behind “they will never decrypt it” isn’t good enough anymore…it’s not enough.

We think differently.

Ubiquitous computing is evolving as an extension of our individual behaviour, but is hindered by complex security methods that exclude and confuse many demographics and fail to stop online fraud. It has organisational consequences too.

As the Internet of knowledge has evolved into the Internet of Value, organisational data has been targeted by the unscrupulous for profit, creating havoc with people’s lives, organisational reputations and economic stability.

The big picture of an online empowered society we all want isn’t likely while this goes on. That’s why we’ve quietly gone about our business to do something about it.

We have invested 12 years in IP innovation, and over half a century in software engineering to create two ultra-secure frameworks for identity and data protection.

Our Identity Management system, IOMI, delivers unparalleled usability, organisational flexibility, and independently validated, world-leading identity assurance.

Our ultra-secure and resilient data storage system, ADeCA, redefines the concept of secure data, delivering exceptional control over data privacy and confidentiality.

We believe in one founding philosophy – to bring together “the art of simple…the science of safe,” converting the best of our usable technology into the world of human individuality, protecting as many people and organisations as we can.

Get it? We do, that’s why we spend our lives and passion building IOMI and ADeCA.