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ADeCA for Organisations
For organisations that need to protect their market and customer reputation against data theft and want their customers to feel safer with them than their competitors, ADeCA is a Cloud agnostic data security solution.

ADeCA uniquely protects business and customer value. It does so by fragmenting data of any type or size into completely anonymous, contextless fragments.

It then dynamically distributes them across unrelated Cloud and other storage systems, making it virtually impossible to compromise the original data.
How does ADeCA do this?
Unlike other data security and redundancy products, ADeCA delivers completely obfuscated data across multiple unrelated storage architectures, minimising the vulnerability of theft and failure of any one or more Cloud or storage systems.

Oh, and it uses “keyless” encryption and completely homogenises data, making it like grains of sand.

The challenge for cyber crooks? It’s like grinding a glass sculpture into grains of sand and spreading the gains across the deserts of the world. How many grains do I need? Where are they? Who do they belong to? What do they represent? How do I put them back together?
our promise
Our promise: it’s virtually impossible to compromise our data protection other than by compromising the authentication that gives access to it.

That’s why we built IOMI.