people & organisation centric identity empowerment




IOMI for Organisations
For organisations that want to give best in class customer experience without sacrificing security, IOMI puts the customer at the heart of their digital proposition.

IOMI is an identity management solution that uniquely helps customers individualise their preferred identity options, completely personalising their experience but making it virtually impossible for hackers to compromise their identity.

Unlike other authentication products, IOMI does not mandate complex approaches that can put all customers at risk, but completely redefines security from the customer perspective.

How does IOMI do this?
IOMI does this by enabling organisations to maintain control via flexible and continuous adoption of a wide range of identity options that can be contextualized to specific user applications, balancing risk and service at an individual customer level.

Keep it simple and unique. Make it more complex when absolutely necessary. Make it uniquely complex for criminals by empowering and giving end users the convenient tools and methods to change their identity mix when, where, using whatever they have and as often as they want.

Help organisations to manage this in a simple way and you have something new…the way it should be. Empowered people and empowered organisations linked by a shared risk appetite.

For cyber criminals, we have introduced the fickle nature of unpredictable, dynamic human behaviour…for everyone.
our promise
Our promise: it’s virtually impossible to compromise our identity protection other than one individual at a time.

That’s because we can’t stop your identity being stolen (as it’s already out there in hundreds of places).

What we can do, is stop your identity being used without your knowledge or involvement – that’s a game changer.