Leadership Team

the art of simple... the science of safe™
dr davic lanc - Founder & CEO

Dr David Lanc, BA, CA, PhD | Founder & CEO

CEO & Founder who developed and patented (US) the first citizen centric dynamic authentication system for financial services in 2007. Responsible for Payfont innovation and market/product strategy.

Leader in development of Internet payments (UK & US). Former executive director of RBS’s Cards Business. Led behavioural analytics, “big data” insight and new technology innovation driving significant net organic growth in consumer spending 2001-2003.

Responsible for international and internet business expansion including acquisition of WorldPay and Lynk Systems to build international WorldPay brand.

Member of UK EMV board who led the UK’s largest integrated merchant-consumer rollout.

Former Visa (Europe) Advisory Board member who influenced/was first to deploy 3D Secure for Internet card security.

Member of UK CREST Professional Investors Board for UK Stock Exchange Securities dematerialisation

Developed several UK/global Financial Services and Investment Management industry innovations.

Developed numerous patents. Awarded several awards for Payfont technology innovation in 2016.

BA in Accountancy & Computer Science (1984) and PhD in Strategic Information Systems (2006) from Heriot-Watt University. Scottish Chartered Accountant (1988).

Awarded honorary PhD in 2016 from Edinburgh Napier University for services to enterprise.

dr lu fan - Chief Science Officer

Dr Lu Fan, PhD, MSc, BEng | Chief Science Officer

Dr Fan is a leading expert on security engineering, applied cryptography, coding theory and large-scale distributed computing systems.

He has led multiple award-winning international research projects, and is a regular contributor to high-impact globally significant publications in his fields of expertise. Lu has also been instrumental in achieving grant for 3 US patents, and works closely with Dr Lanc on building Payfont’s wider IP portfolio.

Lu’s current work, building on top of Dr Lanc’s seminal work on citizen-centric identity assurance and high-performance crypto data fragmentation, underpins the roadmap for Payfont’s Science of Safe.

jamie hunter - chief enterprise architect

jamie hunter BSc (Hons) | chief enterprise architect

Jamie leads Payfont’s engineering and infrastructure capabilities and is responsible for strategic data architecture design and build, including the design of Payfont’s highly scalable, ultra-secure hybrid. micro-services architecture.

His career credentials include significant achievements in building highly scalable, flexible and secure architectures as Database Architect with Skyscanner, FNZ and Alphyra.

Jamie’s extensive delivery experience spans several large OLTP and OLAP database implementations, data migrations, infrastructure solutions, substantial software projects and design, development and management of critical systems.

sophie lanc - head of creative technologies

Sophie Lanc BSc (Hons) | Chief Creative Officer

Sophie leads Payfont’s HCI design and creative technologies team. She is gatekeeper for interaction, look and feel of our end-user technology.

Her passion is to take complex security challenges and engineer them into seamless interactive designs that become second nature to people who use our technology. Sophie is also Payfont’s brand ambassador, responsible for our public-facing social media and corporate brand.

Sophie leads research and development of our design IP, focused primarily in the HCI and creative technologies realm, for which several patents are being sought. With hybrid skills in digital media, HCI and creative technologies, the enhancement to technology usability that Sophie can conceptualise and create for end-users is unparalleled and will be crucial to the “art of simple” at Payfont.

Sophie graduated with a first class honours degree in Interactive Media Design from Edinburgh Napier University, where she won the University medal.

Sophie’s career credentials include a significant achievement in design and engineering of the complex decahex project. This achieved widespread acclaim for its innovative and user-friendly use of time-motion capture technology, for which Sophie was awarded industry recognition award, and a nomination for young innovator of the year 2016.